Last few days…

Last weekend I have been visited my hometown (Banteay Meanchey province) and I came back to Phnom Penh on 20 September.

I didn’t stay with my relative over Pchum Ben day. I need to come back to finish some of my work in Phnom Penh.

During 3 days in Mongkol Borey district, I didn’t go anywhere because of raining. It’s rain every day since Sunday till Tuesday.

On Monday I had teached how to create blog to a Manager of one private training school in Mongkol Borey district called Cambodia British Centre.

“I’m very surprise!…Wow, I can create my own website within minutes, and it’s very good that we have Khmer Unicode and we can create Khmer blog. And I try to decorate my new blog as a popular one in this district to promote my school.” He said.

I teached him in one internet cafe in Mongkolborey called SKY NET, there I had installed Khmer Unicode and Mekhala browser, and It’s easy for CBC students to practice in using Khmer Unicode and Internet.

Beside visit my parent in Mongkol Borey, I can introduce Khmer Unicode and creating blog to the people there…


Personal Information Technology Workshop at NTU

The third workshop of Personal Information Technology was held at Newton Thilay University (NTU) on September 16, Saturday morning. 102 participant including student, academic staff and media was joint this workshop.

This workshop focuss on Sharing Internet Knowlegde and Understanding of Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software.

This workshop was presented by Lux, Virak, Chantra and City Link.

And…It’s my third time to present such workshop in front of a hundred audians.

I’m At Work

This is my work place. And this is my favorite PC. I’m working with slide for present about Personal Information Technology Workshop, that I will conduct at every University in Phnom Penh.

Do you think my seat so messy? A lot of stuff around my PC.

All the people in this picture are my colleagues. We all have own PC.

Training at PUC

On Saturday 9, 2006 I and my friend, virak trained PUC’s students on how to create their own webblog and how to use webblog software wordpress. 36 students has joint the course. Thanks to Prof. Samboon who help the course happend and LAB manager, phearak who prepare the LAB and Internet Connection.

Go to bos bay ben

On the third day of ben touch at 3 o’clock am I got up and prepare some stuff for going to pagoda. That morning I went to LangKa pagoda with my relative to celebrate bos bay ben.

I’m so sleepy… when listen to the monk, coz it 4 o’clock in the morning, I never get up at this time, but just want to know what are they doing… During the ceremony, some of people had through the rice to each other, and some throught to the gate for evil spirit or ghost.

I am back home at 5:50am, them sleep again till 7 am.

Last Year Ben Touch

Hmmm…Today I don’t know what to post la…

Oh I went to pagoda last year (2005) with my friend to bring some stuff for the monk during Ben Touch day. That day, only one day we had visited 9 pagodas… do you believe? But I did already just only one morning. After that we had visited Kampot, and we also visit Koh Ton Say (rabbit). It’s pleasure trip because since the morning till night, we had visit 9 pagodas along the way from Phnom Penh to Kampot, have lunch at Krong Kep, and visit Koh Ton Say.

Now, It’s Ben Touch day for this year, I may have plan with my friend on September 15 2006 to do like this again, but only 3 or 4 pagodas it’s enough.

Information Technology Workshop at PUC

It’s my first time, present about Personal Information Technology infront of over 400 participants including students, academic staff and media.

I responsible for present about online service tools and introduction of Khmer software and Khmer Unicode.

Participants practise in LAB, How to create blog.

Over 400 participants joint the workshop.

I’m presenting about Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software.