Go to bos bay ben

On the third day of ben touch at 3 o’clock am I got up and prepare some stuff for going to pagoda. That morning I went to LangKa pagoda with my relative to celebrate bos bay ben.

I’m so sleepy… when listen to the monk, coz it 4 o’clock in the morning, I never get up at this time, but just want to know what are they doing… During the ceremony, some of people had through the rice to each other, and some throught to the gate for evil spirit or ghost.

I am back home at 5:50am, them sleep again till 7 am.


2 thoughts on “Go to bos bay ben

  1. I recalled when I first went to Boh bay ben. I went to a pagoda in Kampong som province (2001). It was my first time and I don’t know what to do so I just threw it out of the pagoado near the fence like everyone did but I did only one time around the pagoda. Autually we had to do that three times. I always laugh when I recall this memory. Hope you will have a nice day on big day of pchum ben.

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