Personal Information Technology Workshop at NTU

The third workshop of Personal Information Technology was held at Newton Thilay University (NTU) on September 16, Saturday morning. 102 participant including student, academic staff and media was joint this workshop.

This workshop focuss on Sharing Internet Knowlegde and Understanding of Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software.

This workshop was presented by Lux, Virak, Chantra and City Link.

And…It’s my third time to present such workshop in front of a hundred audians.


2 thoughts on “Personal Information Technology Workshop at NTU

  1. Great job! I hope cambodian will have knowledge about internet. You really impress me very much. Kalyan, Chantra, DeeDee, and Virak …I don’t know for clear but I only read their blogs. I don’t know and haver never seen all of you but I do like your volunteer activities. Hope I can help you by anyway(if I can) sometime.

  2. Yes, you can help me by spread information of Khmer Unicode or Install Khmer Unicode to all your friends in Japan. So they can read our blogs using Khmer Unicode. Like you always read my blog ( other Khmer blogs.

    You should know that the idea that I made presentation for all university students are Sharing Internet Knowledge and Understanding of Khmer Unicode and Khmer software.

    The most important of this workshop are Khmer Unicode and Webblog using both Khmer Unicode and English.

    With Khmer Unicode we can create Khmer Blog.

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