The fourth Workshop at UTM

Hi everyone! welcome back to my blog after didn’t update nearly 2 weeks.

Yesterday, 30th September, the fourth workshop of Personal Information Technology has been held at University of Technology and Management.

I am one of presenter, present about Online Service Tools and Introduction of Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software.

Over 110 participants had joint this workshop, and 80 participants had practiced in Computer LAB about how to create their own blog. We seem success again because for late participants has no seat and all of them are very interesting of this workshop.

Hey, everyone, the fifth workshop of Personal Information Technology will hold on 13th October 2006 at ASEAN University (Near Bak Touk School).


Mr. Virak

Miss Keo Kalyan

Mr. Chantra


Computer LAB

Computer LAB

9 thoughts on “The fourth Workshop at UTM

  1. Hi Chantra!
    It was good to see the workshop.
    It’s great that you have a blog for the workshop activity.
    Maybe you can include a links page, based on the handout?
    Catch you next time
    – J

  2. It’s a great work and initiative! It really helps our students a lot! Please continue your excellent job! We wish you all the success for your coming workshops!

  3. Jinja : I’ll put all slide available for download in

    Mongkol : Thanks

    I had contact with 3 universities ready, and it’ll be:
    13-Oct-06 – at ASEAN University
    28-Oct-06 – at IIC
    18-Nov-06 – at Institute for Business Education (former SITC International Institute)

  4. បងត្រា បងត្រា បងឯងធើ្វសិក្ខាសាលាចឹងល្អតា ន្ញុំគាំទ្រ។ ន៉ៃ្ង ន្ញុំបានទៅចូលរួមដែរតា….បើមានសិក្ខា
    សាលាចឹងទៀតកុំភ្លេចណា​​Call ម៉ោន្ញុំផងព្រោះ ន្ញុំជាអ្នក
    ទៅយកពត៌មាន។​ ន្ញុំធើការនៅ ទស្សនាវដ្តី វិទ្យាសាស្រ្ត
    កុំព្យូទ័រ CM ។​ ប្រាប់ម៉ោចាំន្ញុំទៅយកពត៌មានម៉ោចុះផ្សាយ អោយ។ កាលធើ្វលើកមុនក៍ន្ញុំទៅយកដែរ ហើយចុះផ្សាយហើយ​ ហើយបើមិនជឿបងត្រាឯងទិញ CM ​ ម៉ាក្បាលមើលទៅ។​

  5. សួស្តី​អាប្អូន​បណ្ឌិត ចាំបាច់​ទៅទិញ​នាំ​អស់​លុយ​ធ្វើ​អី ទៅ​តា​កន្លែង​CM​នៅ​ជិត​ទួលស្លែង​រួច​សុំ​​លោកនាយក ​តាម៉ាក្បាល ឬ ២ក្បាល​មក​រួច​ស្រេច ។ ខ្ញុំ​ឃើញ​ហើយទើប​តែ​ទៅ​សុំ​បាន​២ក្បាល ។ បណ្ឌិត​សរសេរ​បានល្អ​ ហើយ​ត្រូវ​សាច់រឿង​ទៀត​។
    សម្រាប់​ព័ត៌មានបន្ថែម បណ្ឌិតឯង​ត្រូវ​ឧស្សាហ៍​បើក កំណត់ហេតុបណ្ដាញ​ខាងក្រោម​នេះមើល ៖ ព្រោះ​វា​ជា​តំបន់បណ្ដាញសម្រាប់​សិក្ខា​សាលា​នេះ​តាម្ម៉ង ។

  6. It is fantastic to see so many young, motivated, enthusiastic youths of Cambodia. Technology is the key to reviving Srok Khmer. The more technology savy Cambodians are, the more they are able to explore the realms of ideas beyond the status quo.

    Chantra, congratulation on what appears to be an exceptional workshop.

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