3 days 2 nights in Siem Reap

Yeap…after I come back from Pursat on 7-Dec, I have to go to Siem Reap on 8-Dec to do the workshop at Build Bright University.

I left Phnom Penh on 8-Dec at 2:00 p.m. and arrived in Siem Reap at 6:00p.m. This night I didn’t go anywhere with my team, we have to relax for do the workshop tomorrow.

On 9-Dec in the morning we do the workshop at BBU Siem Reap, over 200 students joined the workshop. Then we had lunch outside the town, after lunch we had visited Angkor Wat and Taprom temple. In the afternoon we visited Siem Reap Cultural Center. And in the evening we do the workshop again at BBU, over 200 students also joined. At night we visited Angkor-Gyeongju World Culture EXPO.

On 10-Dec, we did another workshop at 10 Makara High School, then we have lunch at Tonle Mekong restaurant.

We left Siem Reap at 12:30 pm. and arrived Phnom Penh at 6:00 p.m.

It’s a good trip for me with my workshop team.

See some of my Images:

Workshop at BBU

Have lunch at Neang Pov Restaurant

Visit Angkor with my Workshop team

Visited Cutural Center

In Cutural Center

Ride Tuk Tuk from Cultural Center back to Hotel

I’m present about Khmer Software and Khmer Unicode.

Participants in the Workshop at BBU

Visited Angkor-Gyeongju World Culture EXPO.

Workshop at 10 Makara High School

Pratice in High School LAB

Food is so delicious…

I eat alot!…hahaha


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