Youth Festival 2007 in Kampong Cham

I had joint the program called “Youth Festival 2007”  hold on March 10 -11, 2007 in Kampong Cham town. The purpose of this event was providing NGOs, private companies, government institutions and other organizations a platform to demonstrate and explain their services and commitment to youth, development, spark and interest in young persons to learn more about private sector, civil society, government institutions, and hopefully encourage them to pursue higher education in college/university.

The program offers several activities such as:




4)-Opportunities, and


I had took some picture:



Workshop at ASIA EURO University

 On 5th March 2007, I was present in the workshop “Personal Information Technology” at ASIE EURO university. This workshop aim to share internet experience to University student. We focus on how to create WeBlog in Khmer and Enlish.  Nearly 400 students joint this workshop, many question has been ask,…