Staff Retreat to Sihanouk Ville

Last week my organization (Open Institute) had done staff retreat at Sihanouk Ville for 5 days, from 16 to 20 May 2007.

We stayed at Queen Hill Resort, it’s far away from the town, but the seaside and views are very cool!!. I can see the seascape…it’s very beautiful.

This year we are all happy, coz we have chance to ride the motor on the sea…it’s very enjoyable game! It is my first time, I can’t do it, I had collapsed in to the sea, and the motor was upside down… oh help…!!! but I can swim. The motor was full of water… I tried and tried to push it to the seaside.

I had meeting for 2 days and had fun together for 2 days too!
All staff


Youth Camping and Community Event

I had joint with the community event team to Ratanakiri from 12 to 15 May 2007.

Our trip’s purposes are not only for tour visits, we will organize similar events at two primary schools where we will distribute study materials and help the kids to envision their future. In that all participants will be divided into groups to help discussing with kids by raising useful topics and the topics should be understandable for the kids’ level.

See some of beautiful photos:
visit schoolvisit school
visit cha oung waterfallvisit cha oung waterfall
visit yeaklom lakevisit yeaklom lake
drink winedrink wine

Joint PIT Workshop

I had joint the workshop to present Khmer Software and Weblog at two universities.
One was Norton Universiy on 03 May, and one was Human Resources University on 11 May 2007.

280 participants had joint the workshop of this two universities.