Joint with NUM tourism promotion 13

This is my first time that I had a chance to joint the trip with NUM tourism promotion 13 students, and also my first time in my life to visit Prasat Sambo Prey Kuk located in Sambo village Sambo commune Prasat Sambo district Kampong Tom Province. It’s 28 Km from Kampong Tom town.

Sambo Prey Kuk has 30 square kilometer, 5 km from south to north and 6 km from east to west. There are 3 groups of interesting prasat, south group we called Prasat Yeay Puon, north group we called Prasat Sambo and center group we called Prasat Tor.

Prasat Sambo Prey Kuk has amount of 179 prasat, but as the research of conservation project there are 193 prasat in total.

Taking Photo together.

We walking around Prasat Yeay Puon.

Two teachers who lead the team to visit Prasat Sambo Prey Kuk.

One Prasat in the group of Prasat Yeay Puon.

Map of Prasat Sambo Prey Kuk.

This is Prasat Tor.


One thought on “Joint with NUM tourism promotion 13

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