New ICT Textbook for Learning&Teaching

This book is a full color textbook. It contained 9 chapters with 34 lessons.

  • Chapter I : The growth of ICT and Computer Basic Concept
  • Chapter II : How to install Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software
  • Chapter III: Using Computer and Creating Document
  • Chapter IV: Writing Math Fomular
  • Chapter V: Using Spreadsheet
  • Chapter VI: Making Presentation
  • Chapter VII: Using and Searching Internet
  • Chapter VIII: The effective of using E-mail
  • Chapter IX: Drawing Image

I am was one of the author of this book.

Front of the ICT Textbook.

Back of the book.

Editorial and Author Committee


Launching of the Khmer ICT Textbook and Low Cost Computing LAB

On 22 January 2008, the Ministry of Education cooperated with Open Institute had launched ceremony of the Khmer language ICT textbook for schools and teacher training institutes, and inauguration of the Low Cost Computing Research Laboratory for Education under the framework of ICT Master Plan Development at National Institute of Education and presided by H.E Im Sethy, Secretary of State, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport.

The new ICT Textbook is the new reference ICT textbook for all schooling levels, teacher training institutions, and the administration of MoEYS. Its distribution to all of the marks the end of the first stage of Open School Program. Teachers from all upper secondary schools that has computers-as well as educators from all teacher training centers-have already been trained to teach Khmer Language computer application.

The Low Cost Computing Research Laboratory for Education is the first one – worldwide – to look specifically at the issue of sustainability of school facilities in developing countries. It will analyze the costs of software, hardware, electricity, maintenance and training of teachers.

H.E. Im Sethy, Secretary of State, Ministry of Education

There are a thousand participants attended this ceremony.

Khmer Language ICT Texbook.

Low Cost Computing LAB.

Presented Blog Workshop at RULE

On Friday, 18 January 2008, I have been presented about Web 2.0 tools and Khmer Unicode & Software at Royal University of Law and Economic during Personal Information Technology Workshop.

There are 135 participants attended this workshop, all of them are RULE students. As I read the evaluation form, I find that most of them are very interested in Web 2.0 tools specially “Blogging”. And they also interested in Khmer Unicode, that they can write their blog in Khmer Language.

In practice session, with their own Labtop, participants can access internet for free with wireless (WiMax), that provide by City Link. So they can practice what they have learned during presentation.