My Home Internet

I just bought new phone number from the 013 qb CUBE. Now I can connect my home PC to internet via my phone and qb CUBE service (It’s free for a month for Internet). And only Phone that has 3G can use this new phone service in Cambodia.

In their promotion, the internet was 7 times faster that other, but after my usage, it was 7 times lower than other (I also use mfone 099 to connect may PC to internet via my Phone, it faster than qb CUBE. It’s not free- 1 hour/2$). Hmm…may be when qb CUBE charge, it can be faster than.

connected to internet
Sony Ericsson PC Suite for Phone and PC connection.

connected to internet qb
Internet Connection Status


My home PC with Internet connection via phone and qb CUBE service.

5 thoughts on “My Home Internet

  1. Hey… I was told it was good. It seems different to ur case huh!
    Anyway, we are going to Battambong this MAy 13-15, two nights three days. Hmm… 27$ each.
    There is inflation now so the everything cost up including food!
    Hope to see then! šŸ˜‰

  2. Now it’s faster than other. But I had this service, because there was no connection at night, available only from morning till evening.

    I can’t attend this event, cuz on 14th it’s my teammate’s wedding, and on 15th it’s my brother’s engagment day.

  3. Heya, was interested in geting the qb plan, so i can surf the net, but keep hearing different opinions on performance. You say its faster than the other? i’d be happy with 128k, as it appears cheaper than any adsl wimax offer. whats your verdict now the promotions are over

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