Visite Svay Rieng

I have been assigned to train Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software for 3 days at Svay Rieng Province. The town seem the same since I visited last year during Youth Festival 2007.

12 persons from different organization has attended this training. Most of them don’t know computer well, so seem difficult to train. But, at lease they know how to type Khmer Unicode, and basic using OpenOffice program in Khmer language.

Food seem expensive,


One thought on “Visite Svay Rieng

  1. Great to read the article that you try to tell the world about what you have done in Svay Rieng. I have been employed as an official staff in Svay Rieng University for almost two years. I clearly find that the students in Svay Rieng province seem to be slow to get new hi-tech that caused them not so familar with that work, but they like trying to study hard, obviously, and they like sharing all the updated news.
    It is true that food here is expensive, but you can get the better taste and price from the foodstall front of Svay Rieng university. Ha if you go to some shops in the town becareful–the food shop in the south of Veal Yon market, FLEECE!!!

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