Small Unicode Contest – Internet Party

Within the CloggersCorner’s booth there are 10 desktop for everyone access Internet, using Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software. During the event KhmerOS has conduct a small Unicode contest with 20 people registered.

The fastest got reward : 1package of JXII gift (T-shirt, CD, poster) and 1 ICT Textbook.

Unicode Typing Contest

Unicode Typing Contest

The fastest winner of Unicode Typing Contest.

2 thoughts on “Small Unicode Contest – Internet Party

  1. wow, great that many people now can type Unicode.. but the problem is it’s still not yet recognized by some schools esp when writing the Thesis. 😦 should encourage that.

  2. I don’t know why teachers didn’t accept thesis writing in Khmer Unicode too.

    This like some IT teacher of some school don’t know about revolution of web 2.0 that can help their student to communicate, sharing and collaboration. I mean they didn’t update their knowledge, just teach what they had teach, salary the same, so why should they have to spend time to make new lesson or curriculum.

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