My Background

Name : Be Chantra

Date of Birth: April 1980

Location : Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Chantra Image

Background, Study and Work

I was born in Banteay Meanchey province and growth up there until finished high school. I first come to Phnom Penh on August 1997 to take exam for entrance university, but I fell, then I back to Battambang province. I studied English for one year in Battambang.

In the middle of 1998 I got sponsored from my aunty who lived in Australia to study at university. In October 1998 I started my first class at Norton University in Computer Science.

That time, I never known computer, its applications, internet or email, I choose this major coz I think technology will growth rapidly in the future, Cambodia will need a lot of IT human resources, and I’m just second promotion of this course at Norton University. Another reason was, if I study this major I’ll have priorities opportunity to get the job in the second or third year. So that why I choose to study Computer Science.

I graduated from Norton in 2002, and in August 2003 I studied another bachelor degree of business management, major in Management. I’ll finish at the end of 2007.

I started work since 2000 as a Computer application teacher focus on administration, design and Internet&email.

In 2001 the E-government project started, the pilot project was take place in Phnom Penh, NiDA was in charge of this project. Phnom Penh Municipality was announcement to find IT human resource to work in IT department to cooperate with NiDA to install PC, it’s applications, network and Internet to all districts and communes in Phnom Penh (7 districts and 72 communes). I have been selected to work in IT department at Phnom Penh Municipality in charge of maintenance PC and train computer office program, Internet and Email to officer in Chamkamoon district that has 12 communes.

In May 2005, I was employ by Open Forum to work in KhmerOS project as a master trainer. During my work in this organization I had participated in the development of training material for end-user and training for trainer materials, and in the development of a good certification system. I also participated in development of user manual for any Khmer software such as OpenOffice. I provided many training in using open sources software such as Linux, openoffice… to the training center teachers, government and NGOs staffs. After I had worked for a year, then I had promoted as Training Coordinator.

In August 2006 KhmerOS project had left open forum and created it own organization called Open Institute that now run 6 different projects: KhmerOS, Open School Program, Publication, Woman web portal, Lexicography and Open Learning program. In this new organization I had promoted as Public Relation Officer.

In October 2009, I had leaved KhmerOS and start my new job as Editor in Chief with Computer Magazine owned by Perfexcom company. Just one month I had made Computer Magazine to be the First Tech magazine in Cambodia using Khmer Unicode. I had add more content to the magazine focus on online social media, top person for tech and tech business achievement, find out top Cambodian blogger and the benefit of using internet etc.

In July 2010 I had become a Social Media Manager for Sabay Company (CIDC Information Technology). In December 2010 I had promoted as Marketing Manager in this company.

Beside my regular job, I had joint many social work.

Activities and Participation

  • Attended as speaker in FOSSASIA event. FOSSASIA is one of the top Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) events for developers, enterprises, governments and users in Vietnam. It was held in Ho Chi Minh City’s Raffles International College from November 12 – 14, 2010 with the focus: Lightweight Computing and Women in IT. Visit website:
  • Attended as participants at summit in Ho Chi Minh City in November, 20-22 2009. It’s the event of gathering of opensource developers and contributors from Asia and also to promote awareness of FOSS in Asia too. Visit website at: 
  • Attended Asian Source 3 event for a week in NOVEMBER 2009 at SILANG, CAVITE, PHILIPPINES. Asia Source 3 is an event seeks to build the skills and networks of those in the region who are working within NGO and SME sector. The event brought together a wealth of resource persons, FOSS experts and activities, from the more technical to the more content oriented. Visit website at:
  • Lead Organizer of an event called “BarCamp Phnom Penh” that had conducted in 2009 at Panhasastra University with around 900 particiants and conducted in 2010 at University of PuthiSastra with more than 1000 participants attended. Visit website at:
  • Co-Organizer of an event called “Cambodian Bloggers Summit”, that this event aim to provide Cambodian Bloggers more knowledge of Web 2.0 tools and other practical services and be a forum for Cambodian young internet surfers and other stakeholders the opportunity to interact and build their network. This event generate more participation of young people and university students in Cambodian cyberspace and engage attention from traditional media, civil society, development agencies and private entities to Cambodian Blogger community.
  • Organized workshop called “Personal Information Technology”, had completed in 14 universities in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap province with more than 2000 students participated, started from August 2006 till August 2007.Visit weblog at:
  • Participated three times of Youth Festival 2007, first at Kampong Cham province, second at Svay Rieng province, and the third at Takeo province, organized by Youth Council of Cambodia.
  • Participated in charities event that help rural area children by educated and provided them some study stuffs. Visit weblog at:
  • Organized charities event to help rural area children by educated and provided them some study stuffs. Visit weblog at:

More activities in my blog at:


9 thoughts on “My Background

  1. Hi Chantra,

    I think your doing a wonderful job with all the computer,software,internet training you are providing your classes.

    Your involvement with the community and environment is very inspirational.

    I’m very proud of your accomplishment! and extremely proud of you! =)



  2. Hello Chantra,

    I echoed the praise of May Ly. Indeed, you are doing a great job. Cambodia needs more energetic, full-of-ideas, head-strong people like yourself.

    Congratulation on a great blog.


  3. Bong I always think that you have a lot of experience and you are also have done so many crucial work and everything you do you always do it well and success….

    In the name of I am Khmer Child and also love working with technology like that I want to tell me how can I be so success like you……hope You could tell some technique to get success….

    Thank you…..
    Best Regard

  4. Hi, it’s great to read the background of your life and study. I am so proud to know Cambodia people like you working for the same nation and I also like to help others as possible as I can. I want to work in the society and socialise to them.


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