Cloggers Meet Up

During Internet Party 2008, Clogger Team had conducted a program called “CloggersCorner”.  The CloggersCorner’s booth was a place for blogger meet up, show, train and discuss.

On the first day of the Internet Party, nearly 40 people attend the Blogger Show and training. And on the second day of the Internet Party, 45 bloggers has met and discussed.

Thank to CIDC Information Technology and Open Institute who had sponsored us to attend this Internet Party, without them the clogger team could not organize the CloggersCorner program in this event.

Blogger Show within CloggersCorner’s Booth during Internet Party 2008.

Tech Meetup within CloggersCorner’s booth during Internet Party 2008.


Youth Festival – Pursat Province

Last week, I had attended and participated in Youth Fair activity at pursat province. It’s 2 days event (Sat-Sun), started from 7:30 am till 10:00pm. There are many activities during this fair such as : Maraton, Company and NGO exhibition, Seminar session, Interactive session, Job and schoolarship opportunity, using Internet, using Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software, concert at night etc…

In my booth everyone can using Internet for free (provided by Mfone – IPSTAR), practice Khmer Unicode Typing, understanding Khmer software both Linux OS and applications.

I noticed that many young people in Purstat can use internet for email, using facebook and youtube, and they are also can type Khmer Unicode.

I had introduced WeBlog, they are very interesting. As Internet available the can creat Blog respectively.

Trip to Kampong Speu, Visiting Orphanage

On 29th Oct 2007 at 6:30 am, I had joint a trip to Kampong Speu province for community event with Yourth Network for Change group. The place that we visit was Orphan Care and Training Organization, we took 2 hours from Phnom Penh to got there. This orphanage contained 85 children and few staffs, located in Deiambel 1 Village, Trengtroyeung commune, Phnomsruoch District, Kampong Speu province.

We divided into groups, one group contain 5 to 10 children, I took 10 children.

Each group has 20 to 30 minutes to talk and play with them, educated them. At the end of group meet up, we all had make some educated question to ask them. Then we meet up all together and ask them what did they learn? Are you happy to play with us? How do you feel?…And answer all the question that had been conducted by each group’s representative, If the Kids answer correctly, they will get present.

This is my 6th times to meet with Kids in primary school and orphanage center.

Youth Camping and Community Event

I had joint with the community event team to Ratanakiri from 12 to 15 May 2007.

Our trip’s purposes are not only for tour visits, we will organize similar events at two primary schools where we will distribute study materials and help the kids to envision their future. In that all participants will be divided into groups to help discussing with kids by raising useful topics and the topics should be understandable for the kids’ level.

See some of beautiful photos:
visit schoolvisit school
visit cha oung waterfallvisit cha oung waterfall
visit yeaklom lakevisit yeaklom lake
drink winedrink wine

Youth Festival 2007 in Kampong Cham

I had joint the program called “Youth Festival 2007”  hold on March 10 -11, 2007 in Kampong Cham town. The purpose of this event was providing NGOs, private companies, government institutions and other organizations a platform to demonstrate and explain their services and commitment to youth, development, spark and interest in young persons to learn more about private sector, civil society, government institutions, and hopefully encourage them to pursue higher education in college/university.

The program offers several activities such as:




4)-Opportunities, and


I had took some picture:


Last Year Ben Touch

Hmmm…Today I don’t know what to post la…

Oh I went to pagoda last year (2005) with my friend to bring some stuff for the monk during Ben Touch day. That day, only one day we had visited 9 pagodas… do you believe? But I did already just only one morning. After that we had visited Kampot, and we also visit Koh Ton Say (rabbit). It’s pleasure trip because since the morning till night, we had visit 9 pagodas along the way from Phnom Penh to Kampot, have lunch at Krong Kep, and visit Koh Ton Say.

Now, It’s Ben Touch day for this year, I may have plan with my friend on September 15 2006 to do like this again, but only 3 or 4 pagodas it’s enough.

Charity trip to rural School in Kampong Speu

On May 1, 2006 I had joint the charity trip to one primary school located in Oddong district, Kampong Speu province. We Komabaiton team has joint with University of Cambodia students for contributed some gifts to children and planted trees with them. We also educated them how to protect birdflue disease, how to clean tooths…etc.

It’s not my first time to do this,…but it’s the first time to joint with other team like University of Cambodia student.

Ask question to children after class.

Plant young tree with them..

Seating with kids…