4 Lesson on Web 2.0 Tools, continue…

Today I had finished making training slide on Web 2.0 for second stage of training of trainer at NIE next week. It’s include:
– RSS and Feedreader
– Online File Sharing
– Social Networking
– Other Online Tools and Applications

You can download here : Web 20-Second Training.pdf

And you can download practice exercises :

1. First Exercise

2. Second Exercise


Cloggers Meet Up

During Internet Party 2008, Clogger Team had conducted a program called “CloggersCorner”.  The CloggersCorner’s booth was a place for blogger meet up, show, train and discuss.

On the first day of the Internet Party, nearly 40 people attend the Blogger Show and training. And on the second day of the Internet Party, 45 bloggers has met and discussed.

Thank to CIDC Information Technology and Open Institute who had sponsored us to attend this Internet Party, without them the clogger team could not organize the CloggersCorner program in this event.

Blogger Show within CloggersCorner’s Booth during Internet Party 2008.

Tech Meetup within CloggersCorner’s booth during Internet Party 2008.

Visite Svay Rieng

I have been assigned to train Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software for 3 days at Svay Rieng Province. The town seem the same since I visited last year during Youth Festival 2007.

12 persons from different organization has attended this training. Most of them don’t know computer well, so seem difficult to train. But, at lease they know how to type Khmer Unicode, and basic using OpenOffice program in Khmer language.

Food seem expensive,

Youth Festival – Pursat Province

Last week, I had attended and participated in Youth Fair activity at pursat province. It’s 2 days event (Sat-Sun), started from 7:30 am till 10:00pm. There are many activities during this fair such as : Maraton, Company and NGO exhibition, Seminar session, Interactive session, Job and schoolarship opportunity, using Internet, using Khmer Unicode and Khmer Software, concert at night etc…

In my booth everyone can using Internet for free (provided by Mfone – IPSTAR), practice Khmer Unicode Typing, understanding Khmer software both Linux OS and applications.

I noticed that many young people in Purstat can use internet for email, using facebook and youtube, and they are also can type Khmer Unicode.

I had introduced WeBlog, they are very interesting. As Internet available the can creat Blog respectively.

Meet up with ASPECA

Yesterday, I and my KhmerOS team had met with APSECA teacher team to shared and shown our activities. I had presented them about Open Institute’s programs and activities, specially about Open School Program.

During the presentation, I’m very interesting of ASPECA’s work on using Wink program to create tutor of Khmer OpenOffice for their students (It’s was a beta tutor for testing).


KhmerOS & ASPECA staffs
OOo Guide

Screenshot of Tutor Khmer OpenOffice, produce by ASPECA staff

Screenshot of Tutor Khmer OpenOffice, produce by ASPECA staff


Screenshot of Tutor Khmer OpenOffice, produce by ASPECA staff using Wink.

Without teacher, students can use this tutor to learning and improving their computer office skill.

Blog Workshop

On 15th February 2008, I had presented about web 2.0 tools, Blog in Khmer and Unicode at Chenla University with 75 participation.

In practice session, student can practice what they have learnt during presentation, specially practiced on how to create blog.

City Link offer participants who had took their own lapton during workshop to access free wireless Internet (WiMAX). They all can use in practice session.

Both university committee and students really surprise of this new internet technology. They will comment their students to use this tools for their study.