Cambodian Blogger Summit

As the world is amazed by blog phenomenon, so do I! I started blogging in 2006 with my Trajoke 4 Everyone and started to actively promote the awareness of blogging in Cambodia in Khmer Language.

For a year, more than 1900 young people were trained through my blog workshop (Personal Information Technology) at universities in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Some key bloggers involve in my program include Virak, Lux, DeeDee and Ms K. And now, another step forward, Lux,Virak and I is taking initiative to organize Cambodian Blogger Summit – the first ever event to happen in Cambodia:

August 30-31, 2007
Venue: Pannasastra University of Cambodia

The Cambodia Blog, aka Cloggers Team, is a group of young Cambodian bloggers who inspired by technologies in their everyday life. They have been working together on voluntary basis to conduct 14 workshops call “Personal Information Technology Workshop” at 14 different universities in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap with total amount of participant more than 1700 students. Each workshop has been conducted voluntary by the Cambodia Blogger Team aimed to share experiences between bloggers and participants (students), and make use of the technologies available over the Internet for their study, work and even their every life. Especially, the workshop have also included an introduction to the new personal publishing platform – Blog or Web log, which has become a very popular and important tool on the Internet for individual sharing information. This event also promote FOSS (Free Open Source Software) in Cambodia.

Register to join here:


Visiting Kolen Mountain

Last weekend I have a chance to visit Kolen mountain in Siem Reap province with my family and relatives. The way from Angkor to Kolen waterfall is good, but dusty.

It’s was raining during we reach the Kolen waterfall.  We enjoyed the waterfall under not heavy fallen rain. It was raining only on the mountain, because on the way back to Angkor we didn’t see any rain drop, and the still dusty.

We took picture when go up to Preah Ang Thom site.

Second stage of Kolen waterfall.

Siva Linkga, at Preah Ang Thom site.

One of the big tree in Prasat Banteay Srey site.

Cross bridge on the first stage of Kolen waterfall.