My cuty’s slide album

Hope you can enjoy with my cuty’s silde album.

It’s me, right?

Everyone took a lot of photos during Internet Party 2008, I got one from Mongkol.

Meet up at T&Coffee

Yesterday, I had attended a small meet up with digital citizen. We had discussed through few topics, OLPC, Microsoft come into Cambodia, and the planning of BarcampPhnomPenh.


My Khmer Joke Blog on One Laptop Per Child. (It’s show Khmer Unicode Font very well).

This Labtop can access Internet through wireless (wi-fi).

Meet Up

Norbert (right) and Me

10 Tips for a Killer Presentation

Presentations are something that we’re all familiar with. Whether you are watching a presentation or giving a presentation, chances are you know what sucks and what doesn’t. However, in case you don’t know the suck from the not, here are ten tips to help insure you are giving a good presentation: Read the rest of this entry>>

Cloggers Summit Photos & Videos

Hi all reader,

You can see many photos from Cambodian Bloggers Summit event through below link:

Photos from Steve Goodman

Photos from Tharum

Photos from Beth

CloggerSummit Group

You can also see some video :

And you can see some blog post about Cloggger summit:

Beth Kanther : BlogHers, Gender Blogging,…

Steve Goodman : Live from Cloggers Summit- Cambodian Bloggers

David Sasaki : Happy Blog Day!

Mean Lux : After Cambodian Bloggers Summit

Nice Girl in Cambodian Bloggers Summit

Picture by Steve Goodman.

Dinner meet up with international bloggers in Phnom Penh

This is my first time that I had met up with international blogger such as : Beth Kanter, David Sasaki, Preetam Rai, Emily Wu, Geoffrey Cain, Norbert, Javier and also some cambodia blogger.

Picture from Tharum.

Picture from Tharum.


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